Delivering Health and Hope in Honduras; the Story of Carlos and Sindi

After a devastating motorcycle accident, Sindi and her husband Carlos were bedridden for 14 months. During that time, Sindi’s mother cared for the couple and their two children. When a friend told the couple about the Holy Family Surgery Center (HFSC), they were filled with hope that they would soon be cured. At her recent follow-up consultation, Sindi walked proudly without a limp and shared that she can now support her family by selling fresh juice. Carlos was not as fortunate, and his story further illustrates the importance of our mission. After eight unsuccessful surgeries at the local hospital, he arrived to HFSCwith a severely infected leg. Our volunteers and HFSC team are working hard to restore him to full health. Carlos shared, “I have no words to express my gratitude. I cannot believe that Dr. Merlin Antunez came to my house to see how I was after my surgeries. They also helped with transportation, lodging and other expenses we had. Amazing.”